Touch & Proximity

Semtech offers the world's lowest power touch-interface solutions integrated with highly accurate ADCs for enhanced sensing performance. These ultra small, feature-rich touch controllers are optimized for a wide range of battery-powered, portable applications such as mobile phones, digital still cameras, media players, GPS, portable computers, handheld gaming devices and other consumer electronics.

Capacitive Touch Controllers: the superior sensitivity of the SX863x/4x touch sensor platform enables sensing through a thick overlay material as well as proximity detection with an extended range (>10cm) all in a tiny footprint with zero components per input.

Resistive Touch Controllers: our ultra low power, fully integrated touchscreen controller platform enables multi-touch gestures on regular 4-wire resistive touchscreens and supports proximity on ANY panel. It also features advanced haptics control as well as robust on-chip ESD protection in a small footprint.

Touch Interface Products

  • Capacitive Touch Controllers
  • Resistive Touch Controller



Touch Interface Selection Guide