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Retronic GmbH is since its foundation in 1995 an independent, technically oriented distributor of electronic components, with a team that can look back on 30 years of experience. >>Learn more about Retronic.

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New SynQor Catalog
New SynQor Catalog now available as download
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Interlink Electronics
Interlink Electronics has opend its brand new material science and R&D lab
„in Camarillo, CA, to facilitate the development of new sensing materials, devices and applications“ ->more
Optomedia's RJ45-2-Fiber Dongle
Optomedia's RJ45-2-Fiber Dongle Flexible alternative to convert Ethernet to Fiber
„The OptoMedia newly designed RJ45 Fiber Converter Dongle, which has integrated optical fiber transceiver and optical fiber converter, is able to plug and play. It is the smallest fiber converter in the world today“ ->more
N2Power Medical Power Supplies
N2Power Medical Power Supplies The Best Medicine: Choosing the Right Medical Power Supply
„The benefits of N2Power’s range of medical power supplies extend far beyond the stats list. Find out how to utilize our extensive experience fulfilling the unique power needs of medical devices.“ ->more
BlueRiver: The AV Matrix Transformed
BlueRiver: The AV Matrix Transformed Semtech’s BlueRiver is the only technology on the market with the necessary requirements to completely displace the matrix switch.
„The professional AV industry needs matrix switching capabilities, but no longer needs a matrix switch. At the core of a traditional AV switching system is the matrix switch. Typically this is a fixed piece of costly hardware with limited scalability, surrounded by external boxes to augment the switching capabilities with AV processing.“ ->more

„The C-SX-207 is a Dual Port Micro BNC connector which features frequencies up to 12GHz and is so a perfect fit for 12G SDI as well as CXP-12 applications. We also deliver customized cable harnesses for your projects.“ ->more

SynQor® Releases a new Advanced Military-Grade Battery Pack for its UPS line of Products

The new battery pack is an advanced, highly efficient, low-weight, compact, sealed lithium polymer battery self-contained unit. With the battery pack’s energy capacity of 400 W-hrs., the pack increases the runtime of a standard UPS unit to 16-minutes at full load.

LR1120 - new LoRa Edge chip from Semtech

The new LoRa Edge™ LR1120 for Multi-Band Worldwide Asset Management

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The brandnew Wifx-L1

LoRaWAN gateway on LoRaWAN World Expo in Paris 2022

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SynQor's Large Power Factor Correction Module

5kW of continues output power coming from 3 phases. Even delivers if one phase drops. Complies to MIL-STDs-461, 1399 & 810G