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Amphenol full-duplex optical transceiver
Amphenol full-duplex optical transceiver Ruggedized full-duplex optical transceiver
„Embedded solderable optical transceiver compatible with duplex LC or ARINC801 connectors. Its 12pin electrical interface complies with specifications SFF- 8431 for high speed interfaces. > Capable of speeds from 1.25Gbps up to 28.05Gbps and distances up to 150m (OM3 at 8Gbps) > Conformal coating option“ ->more
Interlink Electronics FSLP series
Interlink Electronics FSLP series The 3 dimensional linear potentiometer from Interlink
„The FSLP series offers the possibility to sense the force and position on the resistive track and delivers a 3 dimensional value. Perfect for your HMI device!“ ->more
Broadcast Fiber Optic Modules for Long Distance Transmission
Broadcast Fiber Optic Modules for Long Distance Transmission Opto-Media presents Brodcast Fiber Optic Modules up to 12G SDI and up to 25G Data Transmission
„“ ->more
SynQor Releases a 325W Isolated Power Factor Correction Module
SynQor Releases a 325W Isolated Power Factor Correction Module SynQor, Inc. announces the release of the newest addition to its family of military grade Power Factor Correction Modules: The MPFIC series.
„There are four versions of the MPFIC, each available with a single DC output voltage: 12V, 24V, 28V and 48V. Multiple units can be used in prallel for higher power applications, which is accomplished by a passive droop sharing method.“ ->more
Opto-Media unveils 4K-HDR HDMI over Fiber Extender, HDMI 2.0a to DisplayPort 1.2a Converter and 12G/6G3G7HD SDI to HDMI 2.0 Converter
„“ ->more
SynQor Releases an Advanced Military-Grade Compact 4kW Inverter (MINV-4000)
SynQor Releases an Advanced Military-Grade Compact 4kW Inverter (MINV-4000) SynQor, Inc., announces its new rugged, high power, compact, military-grade inverter.
„The new 4000 W 115/230 AC fully isolated, low weight, easy to use inverter is designed for military, field and mobile high-reliability applications. The military-grade inverter is designed to withstand the harshest and extreme electrical, shock/vibration and environmental conditions.“ ->more

SynQor's military UPS

SynQor’s Military Field-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply units are designed for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of Military/Aerospace applications. SynQor’s UPS incorporates field proven high efficiency designs and rugged packaging technologies.

Semtech's LoRaEdge platform for geolocation in the IoT

LoRa Edge LR1110 is a single chip solution that integrates a multi-GNSS scanner, Wi-Fi passive scanner, ultra-low power LoRa® transceiver, and a crypto engine to store security keys, eliminating external “glue logic” and dramatically reducing cost and design complexity. An innovative device-to-Cloud architecture enables customers to achieve an ideal balance between power consumption and accuracy.

Our new partner: Interlink Electronics

We're proud to announce our new partnership for force sensing resistors

CXP-12 Repeater from Cambridge Electronic Industries

The new family of CXP-122 repeaters from Cambridge offers the possibility to create flexible machine vision projects and extend their reach.

Digital Video Broadcasting over Fiber - 12G SDI or 25G Data Long Distance Transmission

Semtsch SDI Gearbox converts between 3G, 6G and 12G SDI

The SDI Gearbox enables the reuse of existing copper infrastructure for UHD-SDI. Converts from 4x 3G to 2x 6G or 1x 12G and viceversa.