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Optomedia's RJ45-2-Fiber Dongle
Optomedia's RJ45-2-Fiber Dongle Flexible alternative to convert Ethernet to Fiber
„The OptoMedia newly designed RJ45 Fiber Converter Dongle, which has integrated optical fiber transceiver and optical fiber converter, is able to plug and play. It is the smallest fiber converter in the world today“ ->more
Semtech's LoRa® SX1303
Semtech's LoRa® SX1303 Enhancing Asset Tracking with the new Fine Timestamp Feature
„Semtech recently launched the new LoRa SX1303 baseband processor. Smaller and more efficient than the SX1301, the SX1303 processor also introduces a new feature: Fine Timestamp. This feature provides an efficient solution that enables network-centric geolocation asset tracking—without the need for a power-hungry and expensive GPS.“ ->more
N2Power Medical Power Supplies
N2Power Medical Power Supplies The Best Medicine: Choosing the Right Medical Power Supply
„The benefits of N2Power’s range of medical power supplies extend far beyond the stats list. Find out how to utilize our extensive experience fulfilling the unique power needs of medical devices.“ ->more
BlueRiver: The AV Matrix Transformed
BlueRiver: The AV Matrix Transformed Semtech’s BlueRiver is the only technology on the market with the necessary requirements to completely displace the matrix switch.
„The professional AV industry needs matrix switching capabilities, but no longer needs a matrix switch. At the core of a traditional AV switching system is the matrix switch. Typically this is a fixed piece of costly hardware with limited scalability, surrounded by external boxes to augment the switching capabilities with AV processing.“ ->more
SynQor extends the MCOTS 270 DC/DC family
SynQor extends the MCOTS 270 DC/DC family
„SynQor, Inc., announces the latest additions to its Mil-COTS 270 Vin DC-DC product line. These new compact, high efficiency, high power, full brick DC-DC converters are based on SynQor’s next generation, isolated, fixed frequency synchronous rectifier technology. The MIL-STD-704 compliant converters are able to down convert a 155-425 V input voltage range to an adjustable output between 10-40 Vdc for the MCOTS-C-270-40-FE or 25-60 Vdc for the MCOTS-270-60-FE.“ ->more
New Retronic Partner: Kratos General Microwave Israel
New Retronic Partner: Kratos General Microwave Israel General Microwave Israel, the Microwave Electronics Division of Kratos, incorporates engineering innovation and excellence with high-quality design and production to deliver special requirements and mission-critical needs.
„For more than 50 years, the multi-disciplinary expertise in RF technology, signal processing, hardware, and firmware have been utilized worldwide in state-of-the-art microwave components and subassemblies with frequencies up to 50 GHz for a wide range of defense and civil applications.“ ->more
Amphenol full-duplex optical transceiver
Amphenol full-duplex optical transceiver Ruggedized full-duplex optical transceiver
„Embedded solderable optical transceiver compatible with duplex LC or ARINC801 connectors. Its 12pin electrical interface complies with specifications SFF- 8431 for high speed interfaces. > Capable of speeds from 1.25Gbps up to 28.05Gbps and distances up to 150m (OM3 at 8Gbps) > Conformal coating option“ ->more

New SynQor RailQor 500W DC-DC Power Supply

SynQor extends their RailQor product line with a 500W DC-DC converter in a half-brick package, that meets the requirements of the EN50155 standard.

Rugged Leap ® On Board Transceiver (12TRx)

Amphenol AOP’s 192 Gbps Leap® On Board Transceiver is the fastest, smallest and most cost effective optical transceiver module in the military and aerospace industry.

Our actual LineCard

Download our actual version of our line card by clicking the picture.

SynQor's military UPS

SynQor’s Military Field-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply units are designed for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of Military/Aerospace applications. SynQor’s UPS incorporates field proven high efficiency designs and rugged packaging technologies.

Semtech's LoRaEdge platform for geolocation in the IoT

LoRa Edge LR1110 is a single chip solution that integrates a multi-GNSS scanner, Wi-Fi passive scanner, ultra-low power LoRa® transceiver, and a crypto engine to store security keys, eliminating external “glue logic” and dramatically reducing cost and design complexity. An innovative device-to-Cloud architecture enables customers to achieve an ideal balance between power consumption and accuracy.

Our new partner: Interlink Electronics

We're proud to announce our new partnership for force sensing resistors